Medicated tropical Skittles


These Delta-8 edibles are in flavors we all know and love!

The 2018 Farm Bill allows any hemp or hemp derived product with 0.3% or less of Delta-9 THC is legal for sale. Delta-8 is hemp derived and contains zero Delta-9 THC so is legal for sale without a prescription.

Each package contains 250mg of Delta-8 THC.

Each skittle has 12.5mg of Delta-8 Each Sour Patch kid

Product Highlights

  • Sweet taste makes dosing easy.
  • Delta 8-THC packed into the delicious taste of skittle!



We suggest if you use any form of THC frequently to start with one full 25mg gummy or 2 skittles and increase if needed. If you have never, or don’t use any form of THC start with 1 skittle or half of a 25mg gummy and increase as needed.

**Remember it can up to 2 hours for the full effects to kick in, keep that in mind before increasing your dose.

*This product will induce a head change

*This product is still THC and will show up on a drug test

To complete your online order call us at either of our locations. We will complete your order over the phone and ship it same day! 



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