Moxie Dart Battery

Moxie Dart Battery Moxie Dart Pods offer superior level vape pods made with pharmaceutical grade processing methods. A great way to use medicinal or recreational products, they are ideal for everyone! No matter where you live or why you love Moxie cartridges – you’re not alone. Now that I am a fan too, I want to tell you what happened when I reviewed the best Moxie Pods for the Dart Pen. Moxie Dart Battery

Moxie Vape Pen Instructions

Moxie vape cartridges are made with THC concentrate, activated with cannabinoids and terpenes. The blend of naturally derived ingredients make Moxie Dart Pens super delicious, fragrant and well … fabulous! Try one for yourself and you will see that each Moxie vaporizer is not only easy-to-use but also an exciting experience. Ideal for everyone the unique design of the Moxie dart pen cartridges are so simple to draw from without a button!

Moxie Dart Battery

Just one puff on a Moxie Dart Battery pod delivers the same effect as another cartridge could offer with as many as 7 to 10 puffs. The strength of the pod is never a question even though it is ultra-convenient and small. Each Moxie pod is a standardized .5 gram dosage – because that’s all you’ll need with this delivery system!

Moxie Dart Pod Flavors

One thing you should know is that the exclusive Moxie dart pod design is a game-changer! Just snap the tiny .5 gram pod into your Moxie Battery and puff away. For a full-spectrum cannabis concentrate product Moxie delivers these top strains to make you feel chill vibes no matter where you are. While everyone’s chemistry is different these top 5 strains will deliver a unique experience you will love. Moxie Dart Battery

Super Silver Haze

This is one of the most popular strains as it is a multiple award-winning strain used in vaping oils. Crossed with Northern Lights, Skunk and Haze this sativa dominant strain flies across dispensary shelves. The 78% THC cartridge is ideal for a focused, productive, happy high commonly for busy or social situations. This sativa strain is also a medical strain popular with patients suffering with chronic pain and fatigue. Features Earthy flavors of musk and black pepper for an amusing high.


This cross between Jack Herer and G13 Haze is a sativa-dominant strain. Known to be euphoric, cerebral, creative and stimulating it is ideal for social situations and conversation. Take a moment to breathe in the strong citrusy aroma featuring hints of pine for an Earthy experience. When you try this strain, ntice the paranoia-free experience of XJ-13 cartridges I noticed a good mood and less symptoms of stress. A super choice for sativa with an aroma of allspice, pine and citrus.OG Kush Vape

OG Kush

Some people say it is “Ocean Grown,” while others say it’s “Original Gangster” that the O-G stands for. Either way, OG Kush is reliably legendary. Moxie OG Kush cartridges hail from Northern California’s most widely recognized strain in the West Coast cannabis scene. The cross between Hindu Kush from Amsterdam and a strain from Northern California OG Kush is a coastal classic. Today, there are so many varieties of this strain including Bubba Kush, Tahoe OG, SFV OG and Ghost OG. This could be considered to be the Original indica strain.

Girl Scout Cookie

This euphoric, relaxing Moxie cartridge is a blend of OG Kush and Durban Poison. This cookie is not for young children, so do not get twisted and confused about it. The Girl Scout Cookies Moxie cartridges are Earthy and aromatic with strain specific profiles. The indica dominant hybrid still carries a strong sativa component and has ultra-high THC levels. This may not be the right daytime strain for you so try this hybrid at home before puffing your Moxie Pod on-the-go.

Pineapple Express

This sweet sativa strain is a tropical favorite. You know that you can count on the feeling of a Moxie Pineapple Express Pod to make you feel euphoric. The bright aroma and taste encourage you to enjoy your own unique experience and chemistry with this liquid concentrate.

MOXIE Liquid Vape Quality

This California based company flexes their responsibility muscle within the cannabis industry. Moxie cartridges are crafted to encompass a greater mission of making chronic cartridges easy-to-get – for everyone! You may not be able to immediately recognize a superior quality cannabis extract. Generally, that is why Moxie committed to making the process an easy one for you. Holding cannabis education at the heart of their core values, Moxie meets your demands for cannabis extracts made with consistency. Crafting what you need most with a high standard you cannot find anywhere else.

MOXIE 3-Step Process

Making the highest-quality products requires a laboratory-grade 3-step process. Using pharmaceutical grade technology Moxie follows strict safety standards to deliver the best product possible.

1. Plant Preparation. The process begins with a plant cultivation facility. The preparation and harvesting methods include carefully cutting the cannabis flowers, removing the root ball and placing the product in vacuum-sealed bags, labeling and tracking them. Once in a deep-freezer the products are prepared for extraction. After freezing the product it is weighed and transferred for processing.

2. Light Hydrocarbon Process. Extracting the cannabis oleoresin to get the medicinal inorganic byproducts is a delicate art. The polarity of the oleoresin requires a delicate hydrocarbon process which Moxie delivers. This hydrocarbon process is used for cannabinoids terpenes and plant lipids. Oils can be consumed orally, inhaled or topically applied.

3. Degasification. This step removes any lingering solvents from the cannabis oil. Gentle heat is applied to completely evaporate any remaining residue from the end product. The degasification process continues for several days until all of the solvent gunk is gone. This is how you get the highest-quality cannabis oil for consumption.


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